The MOWWM virtual training is a Moodle course that includes the MOWWM Summer Institute video and associated tasks.

This course is for the Community of Practice Leaders for Modeling Our World With Mathematics.

These instructional materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License and are available for use by all educators. Teachers may use parts of the course to support instruction that engages students in complex, meaningful learning to enable them to be college and career ready.

The COE Local Math Moodle is a course for teacher access only. Teachers enroll as educators in the Moodle course and download the tasks for their class. Contact your District Assessment Coordinator to obtain the enrollment key to access the course.

This moodle is designed to provide training, a place to submit items for review, and a mechanism to review items for educators engaged with the 2019 member-managed high school item development.